Joseph Begley lights up rooms in a cheeky way with ‘Slap It’

A quick pinch or squeeze of the ‘slap it’ lamp by London-based designer Joseph Begley brightens up rooms with its warm glow. made from realistic feeling silicone, the cheeky light responds to pressure sensors when it is touched, directly turning it on or off.

Ok can I have

this is for you



I’m looking for this stock, anybody know if this is proprietary or not?

signal boost.

That one is an LWRC stock, I can’t find much information on it.

Here is a similar design by NEA:

The kit comes with a proprietary bolt carrier, and a clipped recoil spring:

The interior working bits can’t be too different between the two.

I believe Troy is using it on one of their upcoming rifle kits but I do not know if they will sell them individually. The Troy version also has sling swivel QD slots in the buttpad.



The Chinese variant of the AK, the Type-56 was sold on the U.S civilian market for a short while before importation was ceased. The “spiker” nickname is due to the very distinct bayonet + front sight block assembly. 

Though a majority of these rifles were made in China and imported into the U.S, there are Spikers that have U.S made receivers, almost exclusively marked “B-West Made in USA”. Some AK collector’s avoid the U.S made receivers due to a long standing belief of poor heat treatment.

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